Our Team


Hi! My name is Eri, otherwise known as Erose. I have a passion for collecting Tamagotchi & creating art! My favorite color is green and I am a graphic designer by trade. Favorite devices of mine include the P's and the Pix Party! It is so nice to meet you!

I founded GotchiWorks with the help of my good friend Moo. She is a talented artist and helps us shine! She could not be more of a joy to work with! I could not do it all without her.
I am incredibly thankful to the TMGC community. It is the reason for the wonderful Tama friends I've made, and I could not be more grateful!
Thanks so much for checking us out!


Hello everyone, my name is Morgan, but you can call me Moo. I am one of the artists of GotchiWorks and I am very happy to share my art with you all. I love Tamagotchis so much, I started to draw them and I haven't stopped! My favorite Tama devices from each era are probably the 4U/4U+, the Connection V2 and the Angelgotchi ♡

I have been drawing my entire life, as far back as I can remember. I mostly do digital art nowadays, but I also enjoy breaking out a sketchbook and a #2 pencil and drawing whatever comes to mind. I've actually designed all my own tattoos using this method along with a few Dungeons & Dragons characters.

You may have noticed by now that I love cows, but I also love elephants and guinea pigs! I have two piggies at home and their names are Chewbacca and BBno$, but my husband and I call them Chewy and BB.

Thank you so much for reading, and for visiting our website.

If you'd like to contact me personally, feel free to send me a direct message on my Instagram.